2020: Not A Year Most Of Us Wanted But The Year That Was Necessary

Happy New Year to all of you and your loved ones! 2020 is now behind us, a year that most of us did not want, but one that was necessary for all of us. It was more than a year; it was a revelation! I admit, at times it felt more like a test match than a 2020 match, but then, the testing nature of those moments was one for reflection, and a much-needed reset, at least for me personally. Let me share the top three of each with you here:


A Time To Reflect

At the beginning of the year, I made a commitment to sustainability, personally, and as an Ambassador of Equitus Engineering Limited. A commitment that would be aligned with the UN SDGs, a commitment that would look at beyond clean energy, recycling and waste management. A commitment to lead design with sustainability at the heart of it, enabling people to practise sustainability than just be activists. Then the pandemic and the lockdown happened. We were confined to our homes, unable to travel, and unable to commute. Unknowingly and rather unwittingly, we all became participants in sustainability (in a small part) during those months of lockdown, when our carbon footprints reduced drastically. The reflections here were that:

  1. if we need things to happen that affect the entire planet and not just our post code, we need initiatives on those scales. This will only be possible with collaboration and cooperation
  2. We live in an unpredictable reality, more in a realm of probabilities than certainties. Anything can happen at any time, to anyone, and to everyone. The best we can do is to be agile and have a safety net as a default
  3. Everything we do in our careers is a means to be happy, to do what we want, when we want, and with whom we want. When the sun goes down, nothing matters more than cherishing those moments we get to spend with our loved ones


A Few Things To Reset

Before the pandemic and the lockdown happened, the world was set in its ways. However, the pandemic changed so much. Things that were once considered unthinkable became a way of life. We learnt we could still do our jobs without having to endure a commute every day. We learnt that we could have meetings without having to be physically present at a single location. We also realised that the Internet has a big role to play in how we live. The image above presents the reset options for my phone. The first one is for communication, the second one is for what I want to retain and the third one is to start afresh. Does this sound familiar?

  1. Some of us have reset our communication mediums. I have not been at a face-to-face event since March 15th, 2020
  2. I have realised what elements of my life and work from 2020 I wish to retain, and the elements I can do without. I presume many of you are the same
  3. There are been a complete reset for some of us. This has meant, going back to the basics of why we started doing what we started doing. And that is not a bad thing

Today, I leave you with two questions:

  1. What have been your top reflections in 2020?
  2. What have you decided to reset in 2021?

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