A Tolerant Society Or An Accepting Society?

We are a tolerant people. We are a tolerant society. We are a tolerant culture. We are a tolerant nation. We are proud of the tolerance that we practise. But here’s the truth. It is inconvenient and it will make you uncomfortable.

There is nothing to be proud of in being tolerant!

The very word tolerance stems from tolerate, which means to put up with something. If we are only going to be tolerant, our thoughts won’t be in synchrony and harmony with our words and deeds. We will only choose to act as per norms set by society and follow the trend. Our compassion will become selective.

However by practising acceptance, our thoughts words and deeds will be in synchrony and harmony. We learn that life matters, regardless of caste, creed, race or life-form. Our compassion becomes universal and equitable.

Why don’t we, as individuals, society, culture, and nations practise acceptance instead of tolerance?

Let us be human, and let us be accepting!

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