All We Need To Listen To Good Music Are A Source And A Medium – Everything Else Is Optional

Today’s is a short post to kick off February 2021, the shortest month of the calendar. What you see in the above picture is a photo of my guitar, and my wireless earphones hanging out for a well-deserved break. This suddenly got me thinking. All we need to listen to good music, is a source of music and a medium to transport it to our ears. That is the bare minimum that will do the job. Everything else is a choice we make.

Similarly, in life and in business, what we need, to keep going are often a lot simpler than what we want. There is no better time than now, to emphasise this point, given how many of us are stripping back or cutting back on numerous things. This is a three-step process.

Step 1 – Do an inventory list: List out everything that you have including physical possessions, apps, software, subscriptions, social-media accounts (Facebook, Twitter etc), memberships to organisations and so forth.

Step 2 – Define the purpose of each item on this list: Write a statement such as “I need this subscription because it enables me to do X, Y, and Z”.

Step 3 – Imagine life without those items: Now, imagine how different your life will be without an item on that list and if things will be the same or better off, then you do not need said item.

As I write this, we are doing a phone-free Sunday today. Please check back on the comments to know how it went!

That is it, folks.

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