Fission Fusion And Company Culture

Does your company culture encourage fission or fusion? Fission by definition is the act of splitting. We are not talking of splitting atoms to generate energy and become productive, but something similar happens when you split people. In an organizational context, splitting results in silos, secrecy, blame culture, stagnation, and decay. Fission is about taking […]

Is It A Business Or Is It A Company, And Does It Make A Difference?

Today is a very short post regarding businesses and companies. There is something for you to consider at the end of this post. Every time I go to or connect to a networking event, I hear the words business and businesses being used extensively. I have never been keen on calling a company a business. […]

Risks And Payoffs: Three Biggest Risks I Have Taken In My Life And Career

Around three weeks ago, Equitus Design Engineering and Innovations Limited was fortunate enough to participate in a virtual manufacturing expo organized by Conex Portal. Following this event, there was a question about risks people had taken in their lives, and what their payoffs were. Here are the my top three risks. Moving from India to […]

How To Make Deals Happen: Three Essential Elements To Get You Started

An important factor that influences business and drives innovation forward is the ability to do deals. Regardless of where you are in a typical organisation’s lifecycle, this applies. Just consider the following questions as an example: Are we looking for pre-seed, seed or Series funding? Are we looking to grow our staff? Are we looking […]

My First Father’s Day, Lessons From My Father And Values For My Daughter

Yesterday was Father’s Day, and my first one as a father. Now for the first time, I got to experience Father’s Day from both sides of the fence. Wishing my father this year felt a bit different, maybe because he was keen on getting some airtime with his granddaughter than talking to me about the […]

Change Part 3 – Initiating And Leading Change Successfully

Over the last three weeks we looked at natural and human induced change, and we looked at four specific drivers of change. Today I set out to give you the first steps of a toolkit to initiate and lead change in organisations effectively. But first, a true story. A manufacturing company in the North of […]

Change Part 1 – Introduction, Types Of Change And Primary Objectives Of Change Management

Change happens all around us and all the time. In this three part series I write about change. Today’s post is an introduction. Next week we will look at drivers of change. We then round off this series with a few tips on how to initiate and lead effective change in organisations. Change can be […]

What Is Resilience And What Does It Mean

Resilience is a term that has been around for a while now, and I strongly believe that resilience is a skill we must embed in our younger generation. Before we dig deep into what resilience means and what it looks like, we must understand the difference between resilience and stubbornness. Stubbornness is resistance to change. […]

Why Is British Manufacturing Not Able to Engage Meaningfully With The Younger Generation, And Vice Versa – Part 2

Last week I mentioned to you about how I was fortunate to be invited to participate in a LinkedIn live conversation with a few champions of UK Manufacturing. The essence of this discussion was why is British Manufacturing not able to engage meaningfully with the younger generation, and vice versa. I summarised four of eight […]

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