Technical Lecture On Innovation This Thursday The 18th Of February

Join me this Thursday, the 18th from 6 to 7pm with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, West Cumbria Area. We explore Innovation, bust a few myths, look at a few barriers, and a tool kit to get you started on your innovation journey. The event is free to register and attend, and the link is […]

Raam Shanker Is Delivering A Technical Lecture On Innovation At The IMechE On 18th February 2021

Innovation is a much spoken word these days in every circle, event, industry, sector and setting. However, most of these discussions do not adequately address what innovation is and how to succeed at it. I am delivering a technical lecture on What is Innovation and How to Succeed at it to the West Cumbria Area […]

Seen Approached And Employed Summit Where I Talk About The Three Tools To Help You Redefine Yourselves

Last week I started a new blog series on how to redefine yourselves, especially in the current conditions. On the 2nd and 3rd December (Wednesday and Thursday this week), the Seen Approached Employed summit takes place virtually. This is precisely what I am talking about on December 3rd at this summit. The all important question […]

The Three Pillars Of Your Entrepreneurial Strategy

This is just a heads up to all of you about an upcoming blog post about the three pillars of your entrepreneurial strategy. If you are especially a founder of a recent startup or talking to venture capitalists you are likely to come across a question on the lines of ‘what are your entrepreneurial strategy […]

The Challenges During The Invevitable Reopening

After a few months of some intense and some not so intense lock down measures, the world is beginning to see a staged reopening of sorts, following the devastating effect of the Corona virus that was first seen in Wuhan, China. As we slowly prepare to emerge, we, as individuals, governments, organisations, academia, and society, […]

One More Insight From Last Week’s Webinar

As you’re aware, I presented a webinar on Connected Product Lifecycle Management. We were able to glean three valuable insights from the participants during this session. Two of these, I shared with you last week. The third one is here. We asked participants how likely they were to implement connected PLM solutions at their workplace. […]

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