CNBC On How COVID 19 Spreads And How To Stem The Tide

CNBC has information and data on the scale of Corona’s spread. Designated COVID-19, the virus was discovered in Wuhan, China, late last year. The World Health Organisation recently declared it a global pandemic. Almost every government has put in measures for people to stay safe and avoid unnecessary contact with the outside world.

The link to CNBC is here.

My top three recommendations at this time are:

  1. Let us practise physical distancing, whilst continuing to support one another socially by being responsible in our social media interactions
  2. Let us put our differences aside and be united in our response to this crisis
  3. Let us be compassionate towards our fellow people, who are on the front lines, and cooperate with them

My full blog is here.

Stay safe, stay healthy and spread the word!

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