Creativity, Consistency And Why They Are Not Mutually Exclusive

A definition of consistency is that the way something looks, the way something is done, or the way things are, is always the same. On the other hand, a definition of creativity is to use imagination or original ideas to create something new.

At first glance one might be led to believe that these two are at the opposite ends. The problem often lies with how each of these is perceived by the other, and this perception has a lot to do with natural law. Specifically, resistance to change, and entropy.

How creatives look at consistency: If you ask the creatives, consistency, to them, represents boredom. To them it is laziness, resistance to change (Newton’s first law applied to humans). “We have always done things like this around here”, ever hear this statement? We like how things are and we are well within our comfort zones, so please leave us alone.

How creativity is seen by the consistency camp: If you ask the advocates of consistency, creativity, to them, represents haphazardness, randomness, or a lack of order (Entropy). There appears to be no structure to anything, ideas and imaginations running wild without any constraints. Sometimes there is also the perception that a lot of the ideas generated are useless as it does not make sense from their ordered point of view.

However, there is a third way to look at consistency and creativity. Consistency in customer experience and creativity to deliver this. Let us explore a bit more.

As companies, all of you have the various touchpoints through which your customers interact with you and various stages of their journey such as exploration, pre-sale, sale, post-sale (actual usage). Imagine how you go about booking a holiday for yourself. What is the experience on the website (ease of use, ease of navigation etc)? What is the experience when you prepare to book and pay (terms & conditions, cancellation policy etc)? What is your experience when you actually arrive at your destination (cleanliness, service, ambience etc)? Did you have to call their customer support, and if so, how did things turn out? How did the holiday company strive to ensure you had a consistent experience across the various touchpoints (Internet, phone, and in-person)?

Let us look at this from the holiday company’s point of view. We start with the assumption that they have people from various nationalities across the globe wanting to go on the various holiday destinations on offer, also across the globe. When we talk about people, there is always volatility, because no two people are the same. Now imagine having to provide a consistent experience to every single customer, from different parts of the world, going to different parts of the world, with different cultures, requirements, and the common desire of wanting a good holiday. Imagine having to deliver this consistent experience to each one of them across the various touchpoints. It is not too hard to realise the value of creativity in this endeavour.

I have three questions for you today:

Who are your customers?

What do they want?

How are you delivering a consistent experience to everyone of your customers across every touchpoint?

Once you have answered these, give Equitus a call to see how we can help you with this.

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