Crisis Management And Best Case Scenario

Dr. Gayathri Ganapathy of Equilibrium International is talking here about crisis management and how to arrive at the best case scenario in every situation.

Dr Gayathri Ganapathy is a Psychologist, Founder and Director of Equilibrium International. Her interdisciplinary research examined the link between motor skills (gross and fine) and cognitive abilities (Selective attention, visuo-motor coordination, visual memory) among typically developing children using dance as a medium. The theoretical underpinnings of Gayathri’s research have a motor control perspective with behavioural measures and neurobiological reasoning. She is known for developing workshops and activities  that integrate neuroscience, movement and the arts to improve health and well being across different populations. Her Masters training in Clinical psychology makes her proficient in Counselling and psychological assessments.

She is also a trained Bharatanatyam artist and has been pursuing this art form for the past 26 years. and has extensively performed in UK, India, Zambia, Belgium and Singapore.

Equilibrium International is an organisation whose objective is to improve human lives through mental health and well being. Their work is evidenced by strong scientific research and driven by robust data.

Link to the video here.

Equilibrium International.

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