Driver Number 2: Care For The Planet

Last week I spoke influencing factor 1: Increased need for personalisation and individualisation. Today I speak about influencing factor 2: Protecting the planet – sustainability in practise.

There has never been a more urgent requirement to care for the planet and tell the world we do. Sadly however, sustainability and environmentalism are still only at an activism level, if you look at the large-scale participation of people. There are more activists than active practitioners of sustainability, telling others what not to do. This is akin to presenting problems than solutions. This is where change needs to happen, and happen now! The good news is it is possible.

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) present a clear and comprehensive guideline for practising sustainability with 17 individual goals and actionable items. The image below taken from my earlier post shows the UN SDGs based on their influence on economy, society and biosphere. How to lead with sustainability is something I’ve touched on in the past, but today is more about why.

As the cost of technology adoption is going down, the ease of technology access is going up. More people have access to high-speed Internet and therefore more people are creating and posting content, thereby raising awareness. As people become more aware, there will be a shift in mindset towards sustainably designed, sourced and manufactured products, locally sourced and produced products, products made from recyclable materials, to name a few.

Keeping this changing culture in mind, three things I want to leave you with today:

  1. Sustainability led design and development is not optional. It is essential and will become mandatory.
  2. It doesn’t simply mean a lower carbon footprint. There’s a lot more to sustainability than this.
  3. Enabling people to practise sustainability is the right thing to do. It has to be driven at scale and for it to happen, the first question to ask is ‘how do we make the right thing to do the easiest thing to do?’.

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