Fission Fusion And Company Culture

Does your company culture encourage fission or fusion?

Fission by definition is the act of splitting. We are not talking of splitting atoms to generate energy and become productive, but something similar happens when you split people. In an organizational context, splitting results in silos, secrecy, blame culture, stagnation, and decay. Fission is about taking things away. Yes, you might get the work done, but the by-products are quite toxic. It includes disappointment, loss of confidence, loss of motivation, resentment, and disenchantment, and results in attrition, i.e. people leave the company for better things. Guess what? In physics and in organisations, fission is easy to achieve.

Fusion, on the other hand, is about bringing things together, and combining them to create clean energy, with no nasty by-products. In an organizational context it is about creating the right conditions for people to come forth, and come together. Giving people the freedom to express themselves, not just as employees but as individual people. A culture of fusion also focuses on giving people the security and assurance they seek, without which they cannot function as well as their potential allows them to. Talking of by-products, we see transparency, respect, happiness, and aspiration. In terms of physics, fusion is the holy grail, because it is so difficult to achieve. However, the global scientific community believes that it will be worth all the hard work and resources invested in its pursuit. Guess what? It is the same at an organizational level also. It is difficult to achieve, but when you eventually get it, it will be worth all the effort and hard work.

Get in touch if you want to look at your company culture, and make the transition from a fission culture to a fusion culture.

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