How To Make Deals Happen: Three Essential Elements To Get You Started

An important factor that influences business and drives innovation forward is the ability to do deals. Regardless of where you are in a typical organisation’s lifecycle, this applies. Just consider the following questions as an example:

  1. Are we looking for pre-seed, seed or Series funding?
  2. Are we looking to grow our staff?
  3. Are we looking for the next big idea to invest in?
  4. Are we looking to invest in startups or companies with a bit of market share?

Regardless of your interest, business, sector or company size, and regardless of what you’re looking for, the one common thing that makes you decide is your perception of a good deal. Today I am going to go through the three basic elements of a good deal as a short introduction, nothing else. It is a lot simpler than you think.

Element 1: You have something of value

Notice the emphasis on the word value? That is central to everything else you will read here today, and beyond! The value of what you have is not as perceived by you, but by the world out there. If the world sees value in what you have, then that is the first stage cleared.

Element 2: You want something of value

This is a bit easier, because you see value in something, and you want it. It’s a lot simpler than having others see value in what you have.

Element 3: Someone wants Element 1 and has Element 2 from above

This is the fun bit. There is someone who wants what you have, and at the same time, has what you want. Then you sit down with them to make a deal. If all goes well, both of you walk away with what you want, offered to you by the other.

That really is how a deal works, on paper at least. This is just an introduction to how deals happen. However, the reality is a lot complex than this with variables such as market, human nature, competition, changing priorities and so forth.

To ensure you can secure deals that you really seek and want, get in touch! Let us see what we can do together.

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