It’s A Long Way To The Top – Part 2

Last week I wrote about a song titled It’s a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock ’n’ Roll), by my favourite rock band, ACDC. This particular number chronicles their life as a small-time rock band, that is riding on the highways going to shows, stopping on the byways, playing rock and roll, and the hard life that comes with being a rock and roller. This is a two-minute autobiography combined with a bit of frank assessment on the journey to the top. This is applicable not just to rock and roll, but to any career anyone chooses, especially being an entrepreneur. Despite those harsh truths from last week, despite the bleak picture I painted, there are things that keep us entrepreneurs going. Let us look at three of those things.

  1. It is often a lonely, twisty, and bumpy ride, but there are a few people you can trust

No matter how lonely, twisty or bumpy the ride is, you will have people by your side who believe in you, who are willing to ride along, and more importantly, know how to pick you up, and help you dust yourself down. They are your close confidants, and your well-wishers. They are also your biggest critics, because when they give you criticism, it will always be constructive. Know who they are, and keep them close to you.

  1. You are invisible for the most part, but invisibility can be a superpower

You know what, being invisible is not that bad after all.  Come to think of it, if people cannot see you, they will not know what you are up to. Do not be perturbed that you are not getting noticed. Your primary motive will be to ensure you deliver a product/solution that your target market loves, and wants. If you are invisible in your pursuit of delivering something exceptional, then embrace it!

  1. Backing out and saying no is as important as committing and saying yes, and your gut instinct will teach you when to do what

When you play poker, you do not play the cards, you play the people. Now, remember the two points above. You have people you can trust, despite the lonely, twisty, and bumpy ride, and that your invisibility can be your super-power. Use these when you are looking at potential deals, and commitments. Also, do not forget your instincts. If your instincts say to back off, listen to them, because, our gut instincts are wired for survival, it’s a trait based on human evolution.

Welcome to the changing clocks, and brighter days. Despite the harsh realities of being an entrepreneur, it is an adventure, and it is a ride that will teach you a lot of things. You will grow as a person, your decision making will improve significantly, you will learn the art of perseverance, and develop resilience.

And , success, my friends, is a matter of time!

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