My Interview On Sustainability, Skills And Engineering

About a month ago, as a representative of Equitus Engineering Limited, I was being interviewed live on YouTube by the lovely people at Tecquipment Ltd. Tecquipment design and manufacture engineering equipment for education. The topic of discussion was around sustainability, skills and engineering. A few highlights below:

  1. Sustainability is a lot more than just clean and renewable energy and recycling and waste management. There will be a bigger and more positive sustainability impact when we lead the design with sustainability.
  2. When it comes to skills, by focusing on technical skills we’re barking up the wrong tree. We must focus on skills such as analytical thinking, problem solving and develop the mental resilience of people, to make them prepared for the complexities of modern living and working.
  3. The future of Engineering will be influenced to a certain extent by AI and machine learning. However robots won’t steal our jobs. Robots will take over the mundane and dangerous jobs whilst we humans will be left with the interesting and exciting jobs.

The full interview is available here on YouTube.

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