My Isolation Plans

Isolation is upon us, or is just round the corner. Regardless of what part of the world we live in, our respective governments have taken the call, for our own safety. Isolation and breaking the chain seems to be the only way to stop and defeat this pandemic until a vaccine is discovered.

I have decided to invest my time in these three pursuits during the isolation period.

  1. Spend more time taking pictures. Practising my photography is always something I’ve wanted to do, and this situation combined with the onset of spring gives me a good opportunity to experiment. Here is today’s effort.

2. I am also practising some more 3D modelling skills and devoting a bit more time to it, picking up new software along the way. Shortly I also plan to put out a blog piece about this.

3. I have also decided to spend a bit more time with my books. I have some interesting choices to go through and now is the time. I am currently reading Business Adventures by John Brooks.

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