Risks And Payoffs: Three Biggest Risks I Have Taken In My Life And Career

Around three weeks ago, Equitus Design Engineering and Innovations Limited was fortunate enough to participate in a virtual manufacturing expo organized by Conex Portal. Following this event, there was a question about risks people had taken in their lives, and what their payoffs were. Here are the my top three risks.

  1. Moving from India to the UK for education, leaving all my loved ones behind 

In 2005, at 24 years of age, I took a monumental decision to leave everyone and everything I loved behind in India and move to the UK to study for a masters’ degree and if possible, further my career. Travelling halfway across the world, especially after causing a financial burden on my parents presented a massive risk on so many levels. Additionally, post study regulations for finding work were horrendous, especially if one was from a non-EU country.

  1. Quitting a well-paying job to start my entrepreneurship journey

Our offer to buy our first home together had just been accepted, and becoming a mortgage slave was a certainty. Given this situation, quitting a well-paying job to venture out alone was a massive risk, bordering on stupidity, even! I realized early on that there is never a good time, and the time is right when one decides to take the plunge, and so I did, with 100% support from my wife.

  1. Posting on LinkedIn, and speaking up on forums such as Kaizen Central or Conex Portal

This is an ongoing risk. Every time I voice an opinion, I take a risk on my reputation, and my company’s reputation. The risk has nothing to do with popularity of opinion. Even opinions that are not popular will get accepted if they make sense. However, if the opinion doesn’t make sense to my target audience, and if this happens over and over again, then the reputation starts spiraling down, and this presents an ever-present risk.

So, those were/are my top three risks. However, the payoffs are worth the risks, and here they are:

  1. Working across numerous sectors and significant projects such as the Royal Navy’s aircraft carriers, fusion reactors, satellites, and the world’s biggest wind turbine gearbox
  2. With Equitus, we have worked with some big names such as the European Space Agency, RAL Space, Sellafield Limited, Kawasaki, and a few others
  3. So far, having managed to survive the pandemic and starting to hope that growth will happen
  4. Meeting some amazing people who share the same passions and who disagree when they have to
  5. A life for which I am grateful, with a supportive family, a rock of a wife, an adorable daughter, and a circle of friends who have been with me for the good times and bad

Here is a question for all of you:

What are the biggest risks you have taken in your life and what are the payoffs?

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