Seven Reasons For Android Over Iphone

I must come clean and confess that in the era of smart phones, I have always been an Android guy. I started with a Samsung Galaxy S2, then went to a S4, Sony Xperia Z2, Galaxy s7 Edge, and now I am with a OnePlus 7t.

So, any post I see that highlights the benefits of Android over Apple makes me a little cheerful. I have come across this post by CNET that highlights seven things Android users can do to make Apple users jealous. These include freedom to use apps you prefer, customising your homescreens, google assistant’s superiority over Apples, and a few other things.

I have found the hard way, when I bought my first iPod in 2006 that Apple products don’t play well with others. For me, that’s a big no as far as usability is concerned. The convenience or annoyance of using something shouldn’t be restricted by the manufacturers choices.

The full article should be available on CNET.

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