Raam is a thinker and speaker in the areas of digitisation of product development, innovation delivery, sustainability led product design and development, enabling technologies for manufacturing, and application of engineering with a collaborative approach to solve the challenges humanity faces. He also speaks on these topics as a presenter and panellist at various events.

In July 2019, Raam delivered a TEDx Talk at TEDx Oldham in which he shared his experiences of living in a complex world.

In June 2019, he delivered a talk on Enabling Technologies for the Future of Manufacturing, at the Manufacturing and Supply Chain Expo in Milton Keynes.

In June 2019, he delivered a talk and conducted a workshop on Affordable Adoption of Industry 4.0 by SMEs at the Insider Magazine’s Northern Powerhouse Advanced Manufacturing Summit in Greater Manchester.

In September 2019, on behalf of Graitec Limited, he delivered presentations on Analysis for Designers (How to Make Better Products) in Southampton and Sheffield for a meeting of Autodesk Inventor users.

In October 2019, he delivered another talk and workshop on Affordable Adoption of Enabling Technologies for SMEs.


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