The Corona Lockdown – My Personal Experience

The following is a short, bullet-point summary of my life during this lockdown:

  1. Personal Safety: My wife and I are staying sensible, and doing our best to stay safe and healthy. No trips unless to pick up groceries.
  2. Family Safety: Our parents are in India and are doing their best to stay safe and healthy. A worrying concern is not being able to be with them when they may need us the most.
  3. Work: All meetings and discussions have moved to online via various platforms such as WebEx, MS Teams, Zoom etc. Chatting with friends has moved to WhatsApp video.
  4. State of Mind: So far generally positive. There are times when cabin fever kicks in. There are times when I question a number of my decisions, but I always seem to end up being positive about the long run.
  5. State of Body: I miss the gym, but cope with what I have. Walks, body-weight workouts within the safety of our home seems to be the way forward.
  6. Killing Time: I have taken to reading, I am re-reading a lot of my Engineering books and started reading some fantastic stuff on theoretical physics, game theory, leadership and 3D-modelling.
  7. One Request: My only request to everyone currently is to stay healthy, stay safe and be sensible.

Happy reading!

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