The Cost of Corona Virus as per BBC

Here’s a link to an article on the BBC Website talking about the cost of the Corona Virus.

I did a simple word search to see their take on the human costs of grief, fear and the impact on people in general. This is what i discovered:

  1. Searching for the word ‘human’ on the news item came up with zero results.
  2. Searching for the word ‘people’ came up with seven results. Six of those are to do with business impacts due to people not being able to move, travel to work, and so forth.

Most of the post is filled with costs to local and global economy in terms of Billions of units of cash. Not a single mention of how people are coping, how to support the human side of the tragedy and what lessons we learn.

It’s a bit disappointing to say the least. This is not a one-off incident. Nowadays, everything is simply measured in terms of monetary costs with the human side totally forgotten. This has to change, for the sake of humankind and its future.

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