The Second Of Three Busy Weeks And Exciting Happenings

This was the second of three busy weeks and started of with a trip to London with a delegation of TiE UK North members and organisations meeting the Hon. Minister for Information Technology of the state of Karnataka (my home state). TiE UK North was represented by yours truly (Equitus and Journey Protector), Ravi Kumar (Cyberliver), Abhishek Ghosh (Praeferre), Philip Pentone Robinson (Pentone Family). Also joining us was Af Malhotra (Tech India Advocates, and DEI).

We discussed a lot of things including the TiE Global Summit 2024 in Bangalore. Highlights of the chat included the profile of all these organisations, their activities, and their interest in Karnataka. We also paid a visit to the London Tech Week, where we had the opportunity to meet and talk with a delegation of entrepreneurs from various parts of India and the world.

Equitus: Industrial design and engineering, green hydrogen (complete end-to-end green hydrogen solutions including production, transportation + storage and applications) for e-mobility and alternative energy, and engineering procurement and construction management, helping companies address challenges around net-zero and decarbonisation aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Journey Protector (Anne Lawlor): Ireland’s first tech company to be fully B-Corp certified. AI and cloud driven sensor array that addresses the critical challenges of security, efficiency, and environmental sustainability in global logistics, particularly at strategic points like ports.

Cyberliver (Ravi Kumar): A revolutionary patented, digital medicine platform, first mover in treating complex liver disease conditions,  leverages AI and machine learning to predict and prevent liver disease.

Praeferre (Abhishek Ghosh): A data security and privacy platform for organisations better managing their regulatory obligation, mitigating risk and ensuring ethical operations. The multi award winning one stop GRC platform automates sensitive data protection and compliance for business while promoting data security and privacy.

Pentone Family (Philip Pentone Robinson): A University of Manchester spinout, creates innovative alcoholic beverages and brands. Inspired by their forefather Antonio Pentone’s gallantry at sea, saving 28 men in a shipwreck and storm in the Indian Ocean, their world class artisan spirits and world first naturally low calorie full strength aperitifs are set to take the world by storm.

First Step Group and LATOS (Harinder Dhaliwal and Mike Carlin): A property data centre specialist company actively expanding our portfolio of Hyper and AI data centres for global operators such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft. The demand for such facilities is undersupplied globally and having built the relationships they are well placed to take advantage of locations globally.

Tech India Advocates (Ani Kaprekar and Af Malhotra): Formally Launched Dec ‘21 in the UK, with a rapidly growing India-UK community of 3000+ Tech leaders, CEOs, innovators, investors, thought leaders, championing #NewIndia #Tech (hidden gems, emerging tech ecosystems) in the western world, starting with the UK.

It was also an absolute pleasure to meet Vishwanath Panyam and spend some time with him.

A note of gratitude to Madan Padaki, President of TiE Bangalore for making this happen, the Hon. Minister and his team for taking the time to meet us, Jagdish Patankar, CEO of MM Active, and Sanjeev Gupta CEO of KDEM for all the comms from Bangalore, and of course Ravi Narayan, whose presence and involvement were a huge boost.

Then on Thursday, I was back in London, this time at the Indian High Commission for an event titled “New India: Beyond Borders: Linking London and India's Tech Hubs”, expertly moderated by by Janet Coyle CBE, Managing Director, Grow London. There were numerous existing friends Ravi Kumar, Ani Kaprekar, Af Malhotra, and a lot of new friends.

A lot of amazing and inspiring conversations happened with. No doubt we will keep the conversations alive.