The Symbiosis of Organisational Health and Performance: Nurturing Success from Within Part Three

Over the last two weeks in my bite-size blogs I introduced you to organisational health and organisational performance, and showed you the interplay between these two. This week and next week I will give you some starting steps on looking after and nurturing your organisational health.

Looking After and Nurturing Organisational Health:

Regular Assessments:

Business leaders must conduct regular assessments of organisational health, using both quantitative and qualitative measures. Surveys, feedback sessions, and performance reviews provide valuable insights into the well-being of the organisation. Don't limit these to the formal procedures only.

The key here is to be visible and available for your team, with empathy, attention and transparency in your communication, without prejudice, biases or preconceived opinions.

Open Communication Channels:

Encouraging open communication channels within the organisation is essential for maintaining good health. Leaders should be approachable, and employees should feel comfortable expressing their concerns, ideas, and feedback.

Leadership Development:

Leadership plays a pivotal role in shaping organisational health. Investing in leadership development programs ensures that leaders are equipped with the skills to foster a positive culture, provide effective guidance, and drive performance.