The Third Of Three Busy Weeks And Exciting Happenings

This was the third and final of three busy weeks and this week’s highlight was the TiE UK North event that we held in Manchester on Tuesday the 18th. TiE UK North, the Manchester based Chapter of TiE Global hosted a road show/curtain raiser to the TiE Global Summit, which is being held in Bangalore, India in December this year.

Given that last week was London Tech Week, we knew a lot of our members from the various TiE chapters in India would be attending. So we decided to host this curtain raiser event to the TiE Global Summit, here in Manchester. Why?

  1. To give the Manchester ecosystem a flavour of what TiE is
  2. To give our TiE members from the India chapters an insight into what is happening in Manchester
  3. To facilitate discussion and create a networking opportunity for all attendees across both ecosystems

Shoosmiths Manchester magnanimously hosted us, thanks to Vikas Shah.

We were also fortunate to have Mr. Aman Bansal, Head of the Chancery at the Consulate General of India speak to the audience. He spoke about the work TiE has been doing at a global level to foster entrepreneurship, and also the landscape in India, which is being courted by everyone, everywhere, as an investment destination and a market opportunity.

Naomi Timperley then presented the Manchester ecosystem to the attendees and the various initiatives and accelerators that are active in the city-region.

I then presented about TiE at a global scale, and what we do at TiE UK North. Mentoring, Incubation, Investment, Networking and Education are the five pillars of TiE by which we drive entrepreneurship. I spoke about the origins of TiE in Silicon Valley, in 1992 and today how we're 61 chapters strong and all over the world! Every entrepreneur created is one less person in the job-seekers pool and one more person in the job-givers pool. The more jobs they create, the more will unemployment go down, and the more will standards and quality of live go up. Entrepreneurs contribute to overall socio-economic well-being and growth, and facilitate an environment of shared prosperity, therefore adding value across all human societal constructs.

Srihari Bhatt from our Bangalore chapter laid out the grand vision for TiE Global Summit spread across four chapters in the state of Karnataka in South India. The sheer numbers are staggering and this is likely to be the Olympics of entrepreneurship.

Anne Lawlor of Journey Protector spoke about her experience of winning the TiE UK North finals of the TiE Global Women’s competition and the visibility and exposure Journey Protector got as a direct consequence of participation and travelling to Singapore for the TiE Global Summit 2023.

The formal event was brought to a close by Ashok Kallumpram and Tariq Marfani, two of the founding members of TiE UK North, and current board members.

A lot of conversations happened and there is a lot to look forward to as the days, weeks and months progress!