Three Tools To Help You Redefine Yourselves: Crisis Response, Knowing Who You Really Are, And Becoming Solutions Focused

After taking a break for the last three weeks I am now back. These last three weeks have been about spending time with my daughter, resetting a few priorities, and thinking. One of the things I was thinking about was a conversation between Thor and Odin in the film Thor: Ragnarok. Hella has broken Thor’s hammer and Thor is seeking Odin’s advice on what to do. He tells Odin he can’t do anything without his hammer. To this Odin responds with “Are you Thor, God of hammers? That hammer was to help you control your power, to focus it. It was never the source of your strength”. This got me thinking “what am I the God of?”.

In these strange times that we live in, I am sure many of you have this thought: “what am I beyond my job roles, my titles and my position in the organisational hierarchy?”.

In this series I am going to look at this specific question and try to offer a few pointers to perhaps help you redefine yourselves under the given situation. Whether you are soul searching or rediscovering yourselves or looking for new roles, I hope this series will serve in some useful manner. In this series we look at how to get the best in a crisis situation, how to change the conversation logic and how to become solution focused rather than product focused.

Whether we like it or not, we are in the midst of a global crisis. When things like this happen, we do not know what is going on, and it appears as if we have no ability to control anything around us. However, there is always a best possible outcome to every crisis situation, which is what we will look at next week.

There’s a scene in the first Avengers film where they’re all arguing and Captain America asks Tony Stark “remove the mask, what are you?“. To this, Tony responds with “genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist”.  The point is, Tony Stark knows there is more to him than his Iron Man suit and the mask. We will apply this logic to you, the week after next.

To complete this blog series, I will then take you through something that we engineers are famous for. We tend to be product focused. Our product can do this or do that, and so forth. In the final post of this series I aim to take you from being product focused to solutions focused.

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