What Is An Effective Pitch Deck And What Does It Look Like?

As an advisor to start-ups and scale-ups, and as a mentor to founders and C-Suite execs, I often get asked to look at pitch decks and offer my inputs. Based on what I have seen so far, I thought I will post a top-level overview of how an effective pitch deck should look. A word of caution, however, that an effective pitch deck alone will not do the job, because there needs to be an effective solution/product. The pitch deck is only there to tell the world why your solution presents value to them.

Your pitch deck is there to tell the world your story. You are at the heart of it, but there are other factors that you must take into consideration as they will impact your story. Keeping this in mind, your pitch deck must have five sections. Below are the sections with a brief description of what to include.

Section 1: Context and Problem

In this section you are doing two things. You are setting the scene, which is a broad view of the sector, industry, and potential market. You also provide an insight into why there is a problem. Secondly you highlight the specific problem you are trying to address/solve with your product.

Section 2: Your Solution

Once you have defined the problem and shown why it is a problem, you now present your solution. Additionally, you also talk about how your solution will tackle/solve the said problem.

Section 3: Value Addition

This section is rightly in the middle because this is the heart of your pitch. In this section you present why your solution presents value over any other existing solution or product. If you can show value across multiple avenues, then you make a stronger case.

Section 4: Your Ask, Return on Investment and Timescale

This is the bit where you specify how much investment you are seeking, and why. Furthermore, you also can provide brief information on the expected return on investment, and an estimation of timescales by when this is likely to happen.

Section 5: Team

Last but not the least, remember, it is all about people. People do business with people. Therefore, you mention who is in your core team, and why they are in it. You also mention who your advisors are, what credentials they hold.

So, this is a brief insight into preparing an effective pitch deck, with a top-level overview. However, if you have more questions, or need specific input, feel free to get in touch.

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